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AsianDendro 2019: Programme

November 24, 2019 (Sunday): Arrival and Registration (14:00 – 16:30)
November 25, 2019 (Monday: Registration (9:00 – 10:00)
November 25, 2019 (Monday): Inaugural Function (10:15 – 11:15)
November 25, 2019 (Monday): Sessions (IT) and Poster Session
November 26, 2019 (Tuesday): Sessions (DC, DH, TD, NT, EA, TL and TN)
November 27, 2019 (Wednesday): Sessions (NM, MP, FE and DC)
November 28, 2019 (Thursday): Sessions (WA, FW, and DC)
November 28, 2019 (Thursday): Valedictory Function
November 29, 2019 (Friday): Workshops on Quantitative Wood Anatomy Workshop
November 29, 2019 (Friday): Workshops on Tree-ring and R Workshop
November 30, 2019 (Saturday): Workshop on Dendrogeomorphology Workshop

Session codes:
Dendroclimatology: Past climate variability known from tree-rings – [DC]
Tropical Dendrochronology: Where does tree ring studies stand in the tropics? – [TD]
Wood Anatomy: The inside story of wood for Dendrochronology – [WA]
Dendrohydrology: The extremities of hydroclimatic variations – [DH]
Tree-line Dendrochronology: Towards the limits of mountain vegetation – [TL]
Forest and Fire Ecology: Understanding the forests ecosystem through tree-rings – [FE]
Tree-rings and Isotopes: Their amalgamation and linkages – [IT]
Dendrochronology in non-traditional species: Challenges and Opportunities – [NT]
New methodologies and complication in tree-ring analysis: Advances and recent developments – [NM]
Encompassing tree-rings with low-resolution proxies: A multi-proxy approach – [MP]
Linking tree-rings with the world oceans: Tele-connections originating in the blue world – [TO]
Tree-ring network studies: Spatio-temporal connections of tree-rings – [TN]
Environmental pollution & Agriculture Productivity: Do tree-rings record its signature? – [EA]
Fossil wood: Emphasis on tree growth – [FW]

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