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Notices ( Internal)
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BSIP/S&P/L-61 Store Stock Inventory Software presentation on 5.5.2017 at 4.00 PM 20.04.2017
BSIP/I/Estb.-1/1157/2017/L-53 Dr. Sajid Ali Joined as Scientist - B wef. 11.04.17 and EMP ID is 1157 17.04.2017
BSIP/I/Estb.-1/1155/2017/L-52 Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh Joined as Scientist - B wef. 10.04.17 and EMP ID is 1155 17.04.2017
BSIP/I/Estb.-1/1158/2017/L-51 Dr. Ansuya Bhandari Joined as Scientist - B wef. 12.04.17 and EMP ID is 1158 17.04.2017
BSIP/I/Estb.-1/1156/2017/L-50 Dr. Mohd. Arif Joined as Scientist - B wef. 11.04.17 and EMP ID is 1156 17.04.2017
BSIP/Estb./ID/2017/L-32 Dr. Trina Bose joined as Scientist - B and EMP ID is 1154 10.4.2017
BSIP/Reg. Off/2017/L-17 Submission of Bills/invoices Reg. 06.04.17
BSIP/Estb./ID/2017/L-19 Allotment of Research Scholar/ Project Personnel ID 27.03.17
BSIP/Estb./2017/C-1342 NOC of Dr. Neerja Jha, Ex- Scientist - G 23.03.17
BSIP/Registrar/2017/L-1522 Submit Aadhar No to SO(E) 20.03.17
BSIP/Estb./2016-17/L-1507 Physical Verification for Library for the year 2016-17 16.03.17
BSIP/Estb./2016-17/L-1506 Physical Verification for units for the year ending 31st March, 2017 16.03.17
BSIP/Estb./2017/L-1496 No Demand Certificate of Dr. B. D. Mandokar, Ex- Scientist - F 14.03.17
BSIP/Registrar/2017/L-1499 151th GB meeting resolution for Scientist 15.03.17
BSIP/Registrar/2017/L-1476 Work distribution for Institute Function/Meeting 9.3.17
BSIP/Registrar/2017/L-1465 Account Officer as Liaison Officer for Audit related functions 9.3.2017
BSIP/RajBhasa/2017/L-1469 Hindi Workshop on 15.3.2017 09.03.2017
BSIP/Registrar/2017/L-1453 More official E-Mail ID for Units/Group 08.03.2017
BSIP/Registrar/2017/L-1455 Advance settlement in Scientific Field Tour 08.03.2017
BSIP/Registrar/2017/L-1456 Canteen Monitoring Cell (CMC) 08.03.2017
BSIP/2016-17/L-1406 3rd Dr. M. N. Bose Memorial Lecture on 3.3.2017 at 16.00 Hrs in main Auditorium 28.02.2017
BSIP/S&P/ID/L-1388 OM regarding Employee ID Number 22.02.2017
BSIP/RAC/2017/L-1335 49th RAC meeting to be held on March 02-03, 2017 14.02.2017
BSIP/2017/L-1164 DOPT OM Leave 9.1.2017
BSIP/L-214 Notification of BSIP rename 24.05.2016

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