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AsianDendro 2019 - The 6th Asian Dendrochronology Conference
“A window to the world of Asian Dendrochronology”

November 24 – 30, 2019

Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences
(An Autonomous Institute under Department of Science & Technology, Government of India)
53 University Road, Lucknow 226 007, Uttar Pradesh, India
In association with Asian Dendrochronology Association (ADA)


Programme AsianDendro-2019
Conference Banquet Dinner Venue
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Place to visit near Lucknow (Updated : June 20, 2019)
Registration and Abstract subission is now closed (June 16, 2019)

The International Asian Dendrochronology Conference under the banner of Asian Dendrochronological Association (ADA) is held every two years and is a meeting point of the scientific community carrying out tree-ring research in Asia. The first conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand during 2007. We are pleased to announce the 6th Asian Dendrochronology Conference in India during November 2019.

The AsianDendro 2019 conference is aimed to promote the exchange of existing information and knowledge of tree-ring related studies in Asian countries. A galaxy of dendrochronologist working on multiple disciplines of tree-ring studies from various regions of Asia and other parts of the world, shall be participating in this conference. This gathering shall help address various issues and advancement occurring in the science of tree-rings towards climate change, geological phenomenon, biological and forestry related issues. This also opens the possibility to collaborate and to be acquainted with the advance techniques in dendrochronology.

The application of dendrochronology in dendro-climatology, dendro-ecology, dendro-archaeology, dendro-hydrology, wood anatomy, and stable isotope is widely known and practiced across the globe. In the past few decades tree-ring studies in Asia have witnessed a manifold increase in application of all these aspects. The tree-ring network has gained a wider spatio-temporal coverage across Asia, Pan Asia and the far reaches of the Indian subcontinent. This has also reflected in the overall participation of dendrochronologists from Asian countries in the past few ADA conferences.  Although the limitation of finding old trees in the remotest of regions of Asia such as Himalaya persists due to human impact and extreme ecological conditions. But there has been a steady increase of interest towards Dendrochronology among various academic institutions and research laboratories across Asia. There is also an international support and participation of Dendrochronologist from across the globe to Asian colleagues and scholars, to help them acknowledge and attempt towards advanced techniques and applications of Dendrochronology. This window of exchange of information and techniques across the globe is one of the aims of this meeting. Asian dendrochronologist and international workers carrying out dendrochronological studies across Asia can exchange information across at this event. We hope that there is by and large representation of tree-ring workers across Asia and look forward to open the window to the world of Asian Dendrochronology.

The previous Asian Dendrochronological Conferences (ADC)

First ADC: Bangkok, Thailand (September 9-15, 2007)
Second ADC: Xiang, China (August 20-23, 2011)
Third ADC: Tehran, Iran (April 11-14, 2013)
Fourth ADC: Kathmandu, Nepal (March 9-12, 2015)
Fifth ADC: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (September 13-17, 2017)


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