S.No Speaker Lecture
1 N.S. Murali Care and management of diabetic foot infection in a community hospital
2 D. Balasubramanian New biology in the help of old Botany
3 Nitya Anand Drug research: Today & tomorrow
4 K.B. Powar Research in the universities and linkages with national institutions
5 Y.B. Sinha Biostratigraphy and its bearing on hydrocarbon potential of Indian sedimentary basins
6 Lalji Singh Science of establishing individual identity: Past, present & future
7 Ashok Sahni Dinosaurs of India: Dead but Alive
8 R. Rao Tree: An engineers delight
9 V. K. Sibal Knowledge sharing : An opportunity for brighter future
10 V. S. Ramamurthy Managing Intellectual Property Assets in a Basic Research Environment
11 S K. Brahmachari Human Genome Research: The Road Ahead
12 Peter R. crane Fossils and Angiosperm Evolution : Lessons from Fagales and Prospects for the Future
13 Dr. Shailesh Nayak Towards Climate Information and Services
14 Prof. Harsh K. Gupta Gas Hydrates: The Indian Scenario
15 Dr. Prabhas Pande Mineral Wealth of India-Present Status and Future Strategies
16 Kuldeep Chandra Palynology in Hydrocarbon Exploration
17 S.K. Srivastava The Changing Scenario of Hydrocarbon Industry: Demand, Supply and Future Growth
18 Harbans Singh na
19 Deepak Pental Evolution of the Flowering Plants
20 K J Ramesh (2016) Science of Climate Change: challenges and oppurtunities for sustainable development
21 Ajit Chaturvedi (2017) How our scientific institutions can scale greater heights?
22 Prof. Vishwas S Kale ( 2018) Late Quaternary Fluvial Records in the Deccan Traps
23 Prof. S P Gautam Climate Change, Challenges and Way forward
24 Professor Rajender S. Sangwan (FNA), Director, AcSIR (10.9.2020) Life on the Earth: Scientific Festivity of Fossils and Frontier Fundamentals of Forecasting Future