क्रमांक व्याख्यान नाम विवरण
1st N.S. Murali Care and management of diabetic foot infection in a community hospital
2nd D. Balasubramanian New biology in the help of old Botany
3rd Nitya Anand Drug research: Today & tomorrow
4th K.B. Powar Research in the universities and linkages with national institutions
5th Y.B. Sinha Biostratigraphy and its bearing on hydrocarbon potential of Indian sedimentary basins
6th Lalji Singh Science of establishing individual identity: Past, present & future
7th Ashok Sahni Dinosaurs of India: Dead but Alive
8th R. Rao Tree: An engineers delight
9th V. K. Sibal Knowledge sharing : An opportunity for brighter future
10th V. S. Ramamurthy Managing Intellectual Property Assets in a Basic Research Environment
11th S K. Brahmachari Human Genome Research: The Road Ahead
12th Peter R. crane Fossils and Angiosperm Evolution : Lessons from Fagales and Prospects for the Future
13th Dr. Shailesh Nayak Towards Climate Information and Services
14th Prof. Harsh K. Gupta Gas Hydrates: The Indian Scenario
15th Dr. Prabhas Pande Mineral Wealth of India-Present Status and Future Strategies
16th Kuldeep Chandra Palynology in Hydrocarbon Exploration
17th S.K. Srivastava The Changing Scenario of Hydrocarbon Industry: Demand, Supply and Future Growth
18th Harbans Singh na
19th Deepak Pental Evolution of the Flowering Plants
20th K J Ramesh (2016) Science of Climate Change: challenges and oppurtunities for sustainable development
21st Ajit Chaturvedi (2017) How our scientific institutions can scale greater heights?
22nd Prof. Vishwas S Kale ( 2018) Late Quaternary Fluvial Records in the Deccan Traps
23rd Prof. S P Gautam Climate Change, Challenges and Way forward
24th Professor Rajender S. Sangwan (FNA), Director, AcSIR (10.9.2020) Life on the Earth: Scientific Festivity of Fossils and Frontier Fundamentals of Forecasting Future